Bursting with colour


There it was in the middle of a blanket of green, bursting with colour. 

Bursting with possibility, opportunity and life. 

A small bud that would very soon bloom into a gorgeous flower. The beginning of a journey of a short life nevertheless, the beginning was passionately colourful in sight and character. 

This shot made me think of all the opportunities that present themselves to us within a short time. When time is tight and the potential is huge, how good are we at making the most of what we are able to do within that time. 

When time is short and the end is certain, does that mean that it’s not worth exploring, creating and achieving? Do we end up doing a half-hearted job, not giving it our all, maybe not doing at all. Sitting back and waiting or maybe just wasting the minutes away with mindlessness and empty promises of tomorrow. 

I may be guilty of all of this. Yet this bud invited me to contemplate on its existence. 

A sharp contrast of yellow in a common overarching green. Its personality shining through already. A promise that it would be the best it could and that it is already on that path. A raw energy of positive ambition that it would be, that it would see the light and shine with beauty as it was designed to do. 

I could see, lying subtly within, what would become the filaments of the flower. I could see the bundled-up petals that would soon unfurl into delicate shades and hues. I likened it to a baby or a child, full of hidden talents, developing as it grows, flourishing and blooming into a beautiful adult. Revealing its magic at every stage. Thriving and bringing happiness, beauty and hope to the world, just like this bud, that stood strong, satisfied and solo. 

What do you see when you look at this scene?

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